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On Wednesday, 26th May, we’re planning on doing a Discord live event to talk about VG Insights, it’s features and video games market research in general.

We’ll hand out free trial accounts (2 week access) to all attendees for everyone to be able to test the full features of the website!


What Made the Loop Hero So Popular?

Loop Hero‘s been out barely a week as I’m writing this article. Yet, it’s sold over 500,000 units on Steam already according to Rock Paper Shotgun!

Loop Hero (Steam page) is only one of many indies that have achieved considerable and unforseen success. Fall Guys, Among Us and Valheim have all wildly overachieved the developers’ dreams. You can read more about Fall Guys‘ and Valheim‘s success in the other VG Insights articles.

This article explores the reasons behind Loop Hero’s success and what other indie decelopers could learn from it.

Loop Hero Screenshot

What made Valheim so popular?

Valheim is still in early access. The mechanics are there but lacking in depth. Yet, it has sold over 5m units on Steam in about a month. So, what made Valheim so popular so quickly?


Best Indie Games of 2020 You Might not Have Heard of

2020 was the year of games. Lockdown allowed gamers to play more and brought new people into the world of gaming.

11,622 indie games were released on Steam in 2020 – too many to play them all. There are some, like Among Us, that have reached everyone by now. However, there are a few that have got incredible ratings, yet, have largely gone under the radar to the general gamer population.

This article covers the top indie games released in 2020 that haven’t got the attention they deserve.

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15-point marketing guide for small indie game developers

Marketing is one of the most important elements of being an indie game dev. There are many ways and methods to run a successful marketing campaign. All of them require significant time investment.

Promoting a game doesn’t always require a high budget. In fact, many indie games have successfully launched through free marketing tricks alone.

We’ve talked to developers about their top marketing tips and done our own research. We’ve summarised this in a list of indie game marketing tips to help small developers with $0 budget to get started on the journey. This is an indie game marketing 101.


Complete Guide to Video Game Market Research

According to Newzoo, the video game market hit $175.8bn in 2021 – more than global movie and music industries combined.

This article covers the key areas of video game market research. It gives a general industry overview. It covers types of research and the main sources of data.


Tutorial: How to choose which game to develop? – A step-by-step guide

No game developer wants to spend months or years on something that will ultimately only sell 100 copies. Even though luck is an important part of game development, prior research can significantly improve your chances.

Video Game Insights has a free tool called Steam Analytics. It is a great way to do some research in minutes and see if a video game idea has any potential.

This article provides a step-by-step guide to choosing which game to make next and walks through exactly how Video Game Insights can be used.


What made Fall Guys so successful?

Fall Guys has come, seen and conquered. If you follow games, your Instagram, Twitter and news feeds are no doubt filled with funky looking… umm… jelly beans?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, welcome back to Earth! You must be one of the two guys who SpaceX sent to orbit when Fall Guys launched. In a way, you are the fall guys now that you’re back, right? Cause you fell back to earth? Anyway…

What has caused Fall Guys to be so popular and dominate our social feeds? What can game developers learn from the success of Fall Guys?

Fall Guys immediately stands out with its goofy visuals and different looking gameplay
Screenshot of Fall Guys from its Steam page. Arrr
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Infographic: Indie game revenues on Steam

We’ve put together an infographic highlighting indie game revenues on Steam in 2020.

Video Game Insights - Indie game revenues on Steam, including genre lifetime earnings and genre splits.
How much money do indie games make on Steam?
Articles Business Indie Developer Advice

Can indie developers earn enough to survive?

How much money do Steam games earn? How much do indie games make? Is it worth being a game developer? How much is a typical indie game developer expected to earn by releasing a game on Steam?

We’re looking into Steam data to find out if being a solo developer is a sustainable career and what that means for your earning potential.

This is an article brought to you by a free games market research platform Video Game Insights and is based on Steam stats.