What can we learn from the highest earning indie developers on Steam?

Only 10% of Steam developers have ever made more than $100k in gross revenue. This article explores what they’re doing that other developers aren’t. It covers self-publishing, genre focus, number of games developed and more.


All games now have quick stats and player insights!

We’ve just launched another big updated on the platform! Every individual game’s page now shows an overview of quick stats about the game as well as player insights.

Quick game stats

In the example of PUBG (, you can now see how many active players the game has right now, what the peak has been in the last 24h, how well the game has been rated, how many units it’s sold and what the average playing time is for a PUBG player. It’s crazy how much time people spend playing it!

This feature is available for everyone for free and gives an immediate overview of the game and its performance

Player insights

This is a premium only feature that shows the game’s player distribution in terms of country split, regional split, average play time and how many games its players own on Steam in total.

For example, majority of PUBG player seem to have got Steam for that game alone. They have few if any other games on Steam.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new features! Happy exploring.