Genre Analytics Filters

We’ve released something you’ve long requested for – filters for genre analytics!

Genre analytics is a tool that allows players to quickly see which sub-genres over- and underperform in the market. These new filters allow you to narrow down the pool of games being looked at.

Example on how to use the tool:

Say you’re an indie developer thinking of genres to focus on for your new game.

You’d go to genre analytics and pick the following filters:

  • Indie games only – exclude any AAA titles to make it more relevant
  • Price $9.99-39.99 – you’re considering a paid game, but under the high end 59.99 or 69.99 price points
  • At least 10 reviews – leaving out all tiny hobby projects
  • Min pos rating of 70% – let’s assume your game will not be hated
  • First release date – 2019 or later – make sure to only include more recent games in the landscape

This will leave you with over 8000 games in the comparison set and give you a picture that looks something like this:

Open world survival craft, colony sim and 4x games dominate that landscape. Say you like the idea of colony sims. Let’s dig deeper and add that as a filter.

From here, we can tell that survival element of colony sims (unsurprisingly) makes huge difference to games of this subgenre.

From here, a developer could look at the games database with the same filters and explore survival colony sim games and look at individual games in that niche.

Introducing Competitive Maps

Exciting news for our users! We’ve launched Competitive Maps, a new feature on our Competitive Insights page. It offers a thorough analysis of games, comparing their market performance in sales, revenue, player engagement, and more.

Key Features:

  • Compare multiple games to see how they’re doing in the market.
  • Rank games by metrics like sales or playtime.
  • Use logarithmic view for better data comparison.

Benefits for All Users:

  • Indie developers can download charts as images for presentations and discussions.
  • Business accounts can export charts as Excel sheets for deeper data analysis.

Competitive Maps is your new ally in navigating the competitive landscape of the gaming industry. Start leveraging this feature to sharpen your market strategy and decisions.