Align to release and more

We’ve tweaked the UI and added a new feature to the historical data section of Game Comparison and individual game pages.

Align to release

We’ve added an “align to release” toggle to the charts on the Game Comparison and the individual game pages.

The new feature sets the starting point of the game’s data to its first release date on Steam whether it was a full release or early access.

Here’s an example of comparing two Steam games’ average CCU for the first three months since release (link).

Please note that for games released before 2014, the performance data does not start from day 1. Instead, it starts from the number of days between the game’s release and January 1, 2014. As for CCU and followers data, it starts from May 2021.

Historical data filtering UI changes

We’ve replaced the data filter buttons with a neater dropdown box to make it visually more appealing and easier to use.

Before and after:


More data available via Business API

Our Business API solution now has an endpoint for regions, which gives you the list of all the regions of a Steam game’s player base.

The list contains the percentage of players in each region, the region’s name and the rank of the region by the number of players.

This update also includes smaller improvements and updates not highlighted above.