Wishlist estimates!

We’re pushing a major new update to the platform – wishlist estimates.

All Indie and Business subscribers will now be able to see how many outstanding wishlists any game has.

This includes:

Track weekly wishlist change in the Top Charts:

You can now see the biggest wishlist gains in the Top Charts, just like you already do for units sold, CCU and other metrics.

See how many outstanding wishlists any game has

Outstanding wishlists now appear in the individual games pages AND historical trends (but only starting from March 6th 2024 right now).

What about accuracy?

We’ve tested our estimates, and for majority of games, the accuracy tends to be in the same +-15% margin of error that we also aim achieve for our other metrics.

We’ll be publishing public test results soon!

Meanwhile, we are collecting datapoints to continue testing and refining our estimates. If you see large discrepancies, please do reach out!


Table Customisation: Make It Yours

We’re thrilled to announce an update to the VGI platform that’s set to redefine your data interaction experience. Our tables have undergone a significant transformation, now featuring a more modern design. With customisable tables and streamlined design, we empower users to explore information in a more personal and engaging way.

Customise Your View

One key update we’re excited about is the ability to choose what data you see. At the heart of this update is a new icon located at the top of our table. A simple click on this icon unveils a dialog box, granting you the ability to select the columns you wish to view. Your preferences are saved and automatically applied on every visit to the page.

Tailor Your Data, Focus on What Matters

We understand everyone has different needs when looking at data. Whether you’re interested in the latest game releases, pricing, rating or reviews, our platform now enables you to streamline your data for a faster, more efficient, and personalised experience.

Try It Out

Check out the updated tables on the VGI platform and see how easy it is to adapt your data view. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

Stay tuned for more updates and features designed to improve your VGI experience.