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15-point marketing guide for small indie game developers

Marketing is one of the most important elements of being an indie game dev. There are many ways and methods to run a successful marketing campaign. All of them require significant time investment.

Promoting a game doesn’t always require a high budget. In fact, many indie games have successfully launched through free marketing tricks alone.

We’ve talked to developers about their top marketing tips and done our own research. We’ve summarised this in a list of indie game marketing tips to help small developers with $0 budget to get started on the journey. This is an indie game marketing 101.

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Can indie developers earn enough to survive?

How much money do Steam games earn? How much do indie games make? Is it worth being a game developer? How much is a typical indie game developer expected to earn by releasing a game on Steam?

We’re looking into Steam data to find out if being a solo developer is a sustainable career and what that means for your earning potential.

This is an article brought to you by a free games market research platform Video Game Insights and is based on Steam stats.

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Are indie games priced too low?

Are indie games too cheap? Should game developers charge more for their games? Will higher prices lead to lower sales? Indie game pricing has long been a topic of discussion.

In this article I will look at some Steam data to see if there is any evidence that indie game devs should charge more.