Company HQ countries and other updates

VG insights has released a set of updates today:

Developer and publisher HQ countries

Developer and publisher pages now show HQ countries for thousands of larger companies. You can also download theses as a dataset or filter the companies by country of origin.

12-month period for the top charts

Top Charts feature now allows to see the top games in the last 12 months.

Game pages have tags

Individual game pages now show the Steam tags attached to that game.

Time ranges for games graphs

Individual games pages now allow you to choose a custom date range.

More data available via Business API

We have significantly improved our Business API in collaboration with some of our largest clients.

  • Company overview
  • Company’s game list
  • Game’s publisher and developer lists
  • List of all available games, developers and publishers in the VGI’s database

Product roadmap

We have included a product roadmap page to keep users updated on what to expect in the coming months and years.

This update also includes smaller bug-fixes and updates not highlighted above.