Game Page Updates: New Insights

In this pre-Christmas update, we’ve revamped our game page. Let’s explore these new features, which provide deeper insights into the gaming universe.

1. Visual Media Display

Firstly, our game page now features a new visual media section. Located at the top, it includes game screenshots, images, and videos. Users can get a quick visual insight into the game’s world. The section highlights the game’s environment and graphics.

Carousel-like visual component containing game media.

2. In-Depth Commercial Performance Chart

The biggest change is our Commercial Performance chart. This chart provides detailed insights into a game’s market performance, including estimated sales and total revenue. The tool is invaluable for industry professionals.

Indie developers can download commercial data charts as an image. Business accounts have the added option to export these charts as Excel sheets.

Commercial Performance Chart
Commercial Performance chart with filters for period, metrics, and export options.

3. Updated Player Insights Chart

Finally, we’ve enhanced our Player Insights chart to improve user-friendliness. All options are now neatly organised in a dropdown menu. Existing metrics remain available and unchanged. The updated design focuses on ease of navigation and quick data access.

This chart is especially valuable for our premium users. For indie developers, it offers key insights into player demographics by region. Thus, they gain a better understanding of their audience.

The business accounts benefit from more extensive data. They receive detailed game metrics from country split of sales to player engagement levels. This comprehensive information is vital for making informed decisions in the competitive gaming market.

Player Insights Chart
Revamped Player Insights chart.

This latest update significantly enhances the Game Page, building upon the previous improvements.

Examine the example Valheim Game Page to see these features in action. Stay informed and ahead in the gaming world with our enhanced game page. Happy exploring!

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