Further analysis into Steam Reviews to Sales ratio – how to estimate video game sales

I recently wrote an article on how to estimate Steam game sales using an updated Boxleiter method or steam reviews to sales ratio.

This article explores the Steam reviews to sales ratio further.

There is a strong correlation between how many reviews a game gets and how many units they’ve sold. However, this ratio does depend on other factors – game’s release year, popularity and even price.

For example, a game with 100,000 units sold might have 1,000 reviews on steam. The ratio would therefore be 100,000 / 1,000 = 100.

We know that the ratio varies based on when the game was released – it’s come down from c. 90x about 7-8 years ago to c. 30x today. This article lays out how the Boxleiter ratio changes based on other factors: