New features and updates – platform updates, revenue calculator, additional market metrics

Platform updates

This page allows us to now capture and announce all the changes we make to the platform and to our estimation methodologies. We will soon add a “upcoming features” section to it as well to let you know what to expect.

Steam market data – user stats

We have added 3 new stats we track on our Steam Market Data page. You will be able to now see maximum users in-game, maximum users online and total number of accounts on Steam.

We have also added an additional level of detail – you’ll now be able to see all the data on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Steam Unit Sales Estimator and Revenue Calculator

We have added 2 indie tools to help indie developers see what they could potentially earn from a game.

Steam unit sales estimator – This tool allows you to select what type of game you’re planning to make and shows you all existing games of that type and how many units they’ve sold on Steam. It then gives you a range of units sold you could expect

Steam revenue calculator – This tool allows indie developers to see how much revenue they can expect to make depending on how many units they plan to sell. It shows a breakdown of that revenue before and after things like sales tax, Steam cut, returns, discounts, regional pricing etc.

These tools will see more features added to them going forward, but we were keen to get the first versions of these out to the public to see how much people would use them and what they’d find most useful going forward.