Best Indie Games of 2020 You Might not Have Heard of

They’re ranked based on the ratings they have, but honestly, there’s something for everyone in this list and they’re all fantastic!

10. Spiritfarer

Overview: Spiritfarer® is a cozy management game about dying. You play Stella, ferrymaster to the deceased, a Spiritfarer. Build a boat to explore the world, then befriend and care for spirits before finally releasing them into the afterlife. Farm, mine, fish, harvest, cook, and craft your way across mystical seas.

Rating: 96.2/100 (over 6k reviews)

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Spiritfarer - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020

You’ll love it if: It’s a building, management and exploration game. And yet, it’s so much more. You’ll love this if you want something with amazingly cosy graphics that takes you on an emotional journey.

“If you’ve ever played Stardew Valley and thought “Dang. This is good, but would be better if it made me repeatedly cry my eyes out”, then this is the game for you. 10/10″ – Steam Review

9. Battle of Polytopia

Overview: Welcome to the unique turn-based strategy game set in the strange, flat world of the Square.

Lead one of 12 distinct civilizations to victory by expanding your empire, researching technologies and ultimately become ruler of the world! Play in single-player or multiplayer mode for up to 15 players.

Rating: 96.2/100 (over 1k reviews)

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Battle of Polytopia 2 - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020
Battle of Polytopia

You’ll love it if: This one is for the lovers of Civilization series. You’ll enjoy this if you like 4x turn based games. The low-poly graphics are refreshing, colourful and fun.

8. Poly Bridge 2

Overview: A bridge-building physics based simulator. New levels, new mechanics, a custom physics engine, workshop campaigns, and much more!

Rating: 97/100 (over 2k reviews)

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Poly Bridge 2 - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020
Poly Bridge 2

You’ll love it if: Well, you’ll love it if you loved the first one. You’ll also love it if you’re an engineer or love physics puzzles. Honestly, I can’t get enough of it. Creativity meets physics and hours go past without you even realising.

7. Little Witch Nobeta

Overview: The Little Witch Nobeta is a 3D action shooting game.
Players will explore ancient, unknown castles and use different magic elements to fight against the soul!
The game uses a comfortable Japanese art style, but the battles are quite challenging despite its cute looks.

Rating: 97.3/100 (Over 5k reviews)

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Little Witch Nobeta - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020
Little Witch Nobeta

You’ll love it if: If you like Souls-like games, this is one for you! It’s got a heavy cute Japanese influence which makes it stand out from all other Souls-likes I’ve seen.

6. The Pedestrian

Overview: The Pedestrian is a 2.5D side scrolling puzzle platformer. You are The Pedestrian! Enter into a dynamic 3D world with stunning graphics and challenging puzzles.

You play by rearranging and reconnecting public signs in order to explore and advance through each engaging environment.

Rating: 97.9/100 (Over 1k reviews)

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The Pedestrian - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020
The Pedestrian

You’ll love it if: I’ll be honest. I am a strong opponent to 2D platformers – there’s just too many of them out there.

So you’ll understand my surprise when I absolutely loved the concept of this game! It’s fantastic!

You’ll love it if you love platformers. You’ll love it if you love puzzles. You’ll love it if you want to try a unique concept of a popular genre.

“Brain orgasm” – Review on Steam

5. Tiny Bunny

Overview: Tiny Bunny is a non-linear horror visual novel. Those, who have heard the voice of the forest, are beyond help.

Rating: 98/100 (over 1k reviews)

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Tiny Bunny - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020
Tiny Bunny

You’ll love it if: Do you enjoy visual novels? Do you love good horror stories? Honestly, even if you don’t, you should try it out. It’s free. It shouldn’t be, but it is.


Overview: is a game about building factories to automate the creation and processing of increasingly complex shapes across an infinitely expanding map.

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Rating: 98.1/100 (over 4k ratings)

Steam link: - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020

You’ll love it if: Do you like Factorio and puzzles? If you’ve ever enjoyed any factory themed game, you’ll love this!

Having a thing for shapes is a bonus!

3. Townscraper

Overview: Build quaint island towns with curvy streets. Build small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Block by block. It’s early access, but it’s fantastic.

Rating: 98.7/100 (over 7k reviews)

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Townscraper - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020

You’ll love it if: You’ve had a hard day at work. You’ll finally be able to sit down, switch off and dive into the digital world of meditation. Oh, and you love city builders. This is the best value for money therapy you’ll ever get.

2. The Henry Stickmin Collection

Overview: A choose-your-own-path where failing is more fun than succeeding.

Rating: 99/100 (over 19k reviews)

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The Henry Stickmin Collection - Top underappreciated indie games of 2020
The Henry Stickmin Collection

You’ll love it if: Were you a Newgrounds kid? Say no more. Stickfigures and hours of entertainment.

“If you would like to almost mindless play some game with watching some dumb cutscenes for your brain to relax – here you go.” – Steam review

1. Ultrakill

Overview: ULTRAKILL is a fast-paced ultraviolent retro FPS combining the skill-based style scoring from character action games with unadulterated carnage inspired by the best shooters of the ’90s.

Rating: 99.5/100 (over 5k reviews)

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Ultrakill - top underappreciated indie games of 2020

You’ll love it if: Did you like Serious Sam? Or any of the other ridiculously addictive FPS games in the 90s? Let the nostalgia in!

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